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ENDER Minicraft Map v2.0 DOWNLOAD

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1 ENDER Minicraft Map v2.0 DOWNLOAD em Seg Set 16, 2013 2:24 pm


ENDER Minicraft Map v2.0 DOWNLOAD

Map Info:
Although not nearly as scary as the game itself, ENDER attempts to recreate the same atmospherical setting and gameplay features. Without the ability to mine, craft, eat or sleep you must hurry and find ALL 8 PAGES before you starve or get slain by an ENDERMAN!...or zombie, whatever's out there really.

Remember: This is minecraft. Don't be expecting to be spooked by anything.

2.0 Updates:

-Map is much larger and now resembles Slender's map.

-Pages are now written books.

-Added 'gear' for easier survival.

Recommended Texture Pack:


-Collect all '8' pages

-NO mining OR crafting anything. Except leaves if you wish.

-Play on HARD

-NO Leaving map


1. Wait 5 second
2. Click SKIP AD

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